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The City

Trapani, the ancient “Drepanum” located on a small sickle shaped promontory, between the Mediterranean and the Tirrenian Sea at the bottom of Mount Erice, is a fascinating land especially made for the exploits of the mythical heroes and for the poetic song. Trapani stretched out on its thin tongue of land appears all of a sudden: first low white houses, then rows of trees and meadows, then fascinating wind mills that dominate on the salt pans where the land merges into the sea. Just off the coast very close at hand it is possible to admire the Egadi Islands charcterized by their wild and stunning natural beauty. Trapani was founded by the Elymians, presumed descendants of the Trojans. The legend says that, when Troy was destroyed a group of Trojans escaped and after a long journey accross the sea landed in Sicily. Their marriage with the native Sicani established a new race: the Elymians. The Elymians shared the western part of Sicily with the Sicani, the Phoenicians and later the Greeks and the Arabs. Trapani is famous for tuna fishing, for the production of salt and for the beautiful hand made coral works.